Strategic Advice

We provide local and national campaigns with strategic advice and a “hands-on” approach when it comes to running their campaigns. We can:

  • Manage messaging, vendors, hiring, strategy, or allocating resources.

  • Assist advocacy organizations on maximizing their impact and getting in front of the tactics and political climate to increase

  • Provide assessments on the state of the race or issue campaign, recommend adjustments

  • Constant updates, communications, and ongoing analysis


We assist candidates who are thinking of running for office, or who have taken their first steps in running, get their campaigns off the ground. We can work with advocacy groups who are getting off the ground, scaling up, or looking to revamp their organization. We can you help you:

  • Create a campaign plan and budget

  • Assist State Parties set up  and implement Coordinated Campaigns

  • Hire vendors and staff

  • Connect with proper compliance, legal, operational services

Project MAnagement and Coaching Services

We have experience working with fully operational campaigns and non-profits on adjusting strategy or adding temporary capacity at key moments. We provide:

  • Media Training for candidates, board members, staff, and surrogates

  • Debate/forum prep for candidates

  • Independent campaign or project assessment: full review of a plan, budget, the efficiency of tactics, message, performance, and current strategy

  • Lead planning retreats for boards, campaigns, and other organizations

  • Candidate coaching and training: media, retail, public speaking, fundraising

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